John Deere 7830

John Deere 7830

John Deere 7830 Tractor is a great machine. It is significantly larger than the John Deere 7630 and John Deere 7730 tractors, which are also from this series of large frames produced by JD. The engine that powers the JD 7830 is an intercooled PowerTech engine that has a total displacement of 6.8 liters. Its maximum power is 205 hp. The engine is turbocharged and uses a dual element air filter. The power from this engine is delivered to the wheels through the same drivetrain option found in the rest of the large-frame 7030 series. The choice includes an infinite variable transmission, an AutoQuad Plus transmission, and a PowrQuad Plus transmission. The 12 volt battery used to start the tractor is recharged by a 200 amp alternator when the tractor is running.

The John Deere 7830 is produced at the JD plant in Waterloo, Iowa. The tractor has a huge fuel tank that can hold up to 390 liters of diesel. The JD 7830’s 3-point rear hitch has a maximum lift capacity of up to 6350 kg (14,000 lbs). Maintaining the balance of the tractor is relatively easy thanks to the different points where ballast can be added: the front, the rear and the wheels. Adding weight to the front of the tractor is a breeze thanks to the case counterweights made by JD.

The John Deere 7830 operator station features a CommandView cab that houses all controls and a comfortable high-back driver’s seat. Obviously, the total weight of the JD 7830 varies enormously due to the different chassis configurations (2WD, 4WD, MFWD) as well as the different optional extras that can be selected for it. The hydraulic system of this machine is very large. It has the capacity to store up to 108 liters of hydraulic fluid.

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The John Deere 7830 Row-Crop Tractor is powered by a liquid-cooled, liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder John Deere turbocharged engine, 414 ci [6.8 L], delivering 205 hp [152.9 kW] at 2,100 rpm.

John Deere 7830 Row Crop Tractor with John Deere 6.8L 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 4 × 4 MFWD, Power Steering, Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes, 10,050 lbs [4558 kg] Rear Lift, 8042 kg Weight [17731 lbs], 26.0 L [27.5 qt] engine oil capacity, 16 forward and reverse gears.

Equipped with a powerful John Deere engine, this 7.8t 7830 machine can provide 173kW or 231 horsepower for the 4×4 tractor. The 7830 is classified in the larger machine segment in the 4×4 tractor category. The size of the 7830 is 2.44m x 5.5m x 3.18m.

The 7830 is manufactured and distributed with air conditioning and a cab. Does not include front hydraulics, air brakes, and ISO Bus.

Production was stopped in 2012, where this 7830 was available at a new list price between € 111,000 and € 141,000.

Today, another 74 4×4 tractors, ranging from 40kW to 456kW, are produced by John Deere. We can currently see about 74 models of the 7830 4×4 tractor with an average age of 8 years and an average price of 74,800 euros.

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  • John Deere 7830 AutoPower
  • John Deere 7830 TLS


I’ve driven a 7830 and a 7930, each with a power quad, powershift, and IVT. They are very nice tractors and can be equipped very well. I have not had any problems with them. Depending on what you’re doing, you may want to upgrade to an 8X30 for a tractor with a bigger frame and a bit more horsepower.

Very strong unit, which strongly in large farms, very large fuel tank, powered by diesel, really large and powerful engine, productive unit (not necessarily effective), falls well if we compare costs and performance, is the number of cylinders for a better work culture, or accidentally torque is not too high for the needs of (? ?? ), nominal working turnover at an ideal level, turbo engine, intercooler, rather typical lighting, PTO with very good specs, powerless brake, disc brakes, wet, long, bulky, wide stance, huge headroom, 2WD, hydrostatic control, large zone capacity.4t, pressure and flow compensation, no synchronization in a box, a very large number of forward gears, a very large number of reverse gears.

As for the 7830, I’d say if it looks anything like the 7820 then it’s a good choice.In my opinion, simple and robust tractors in the 200hp range are rare to find today.At least if you want to buy a new tractor, and my opinion is that the 7830 is one of the best.

I am looking for a 200 Hp tractor to use in a no-till practice. The John Deere 7830 caught my eye.

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