John Deere 7830 electrical error code

John Deere 7830 electrical error code Problems

My new John Deere 7830 tractor keeps showing up with error code 158.01 which, according to the owner’s manual, suggests some voltage fluctuation in the cab. When I turn up the voltage the display shows values ​​from 11.9 to 13.1 volts. I have considered connecting a voltmeter to the strip to see if the meter matches the dash display. This error message can be cleared and sometimes it comes back quickly and other times it’s fine for a while. In a four hour period it probably appeared about 20 times while cutting sweet corn stalks.

All the functions in the cab appear to be working properly and there has been no problem starting the tractor or the like. If there is a problem with the alternator, I think we would have noticed other problems.

A friend has suggested to me that he check the pole where many earth leads meet as a starting point. This seems reasonable and I will try.

Any other idea?

If it is CLC 000158.01 Cabin Load Center (CLC) Switching Supply Voltage Low

Code caused by: The Cabin Load Center (CLC) control unit detects that the switched battery supply voltage (ELX) is below 12.5 volts while the engine speed is above 1500 RPM , for more than 2 seconds Associated codes: This code and other codes 000158.XX may be present in other control units. Perform the CLC code diagnosis first.

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