John Deere 7830 error code 523826.14

John Deere 7830 error code 523826.14 Problems

I got error code 523826.14 on the information screen of my John Deere 7830 tractor. The tractor is not equipped with JD Auto-Trac or GPS automatic steering systems, although it was an option when I ordered the tractor seven years ago. According to the manual, this is a sensor problem and should be checked by the dealer as soon as possible. Does anyone have experience with this issue and is it something I should fix soon?

The code indicates a problem with the wheel angle sensor on the left front axle. Possibly a harness issue where the harness flexes at the wheel or where the axle pivots. Even if you have not purchased the auto-trac, the tractor is “auto-trac ready”, which means the equipment is on the tractor to make it work, but you have to purchase the “trigger” to make it work. If you don’t use auto-trac, it won’t cause you any problems if you don’t fix it, except for the annoyance of the code showing up when the fault occurs. The code is generated when the computer does not see the proper sensor reading compared to the movement of the steering wheel.

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