John Deere 7830 failed engine block heaters

John Deere 7830 failed engine block heaters Problems

The coolant heater on my John Deere 7830 has failed again. I have had to replace it every winter for the last 3 years. I hook it up to a timer to run 3-4 hours before starting the tractor, and switched to a different timer last year so the timer is not the problem. The tractor has JD coolguard fresh coolant, and has a factory gfi on the loop. Does anyone think that the gfi could be the problem? Or am I just getting inferior heating elements from Deere?

We had problems a few years ago with a ’98 Dodge Cummins. The block heater would only last a couple of days to put 3 or 4 on it. The paper that came with them said what ratio of antifreeze and water to use. We knew we had too much antifreeze, but we didn’t think it would damage anything. We finally emptied it and put in the correct amount with no problems ever since. Usually there are no bad pieces usually something causes them to go wrong.

I have had the same problem with my 7800. In my room in 3 winters. One lasted less than a month. I have it covered by the parts warranty. New yellow jacket cable. This winter the feeding place is different, so it is not the power or the cable. The original lasted 20 winters. Spare parts do not last 4 months. It’s starting to bother me. I’m also sick of changing them.

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