John Deere 7830 shifting problem

John Deere 7830 shifting problem Problems

Our John Deere 7830 has a quad transmission with an inverter.Usually the changes are very smooth.Occasionally, if the clutch is used to stop, raise the planter, change an AB line, and then shift into reverse without lifting the foot off the clutch, when the foot is raised to reverse there is a bump and shake beforeit goes into reverse.If the clutch is not used, it is always fine.Has anyone else seen this?

I have a 7830. It only does this if you accidentally slip the clutch a little while shifting.If I have the clutch all the way or all the way when I shift, I don’t have the noise.I usually clutch when going from forward to reverse out of habit.But my father always prefers to change gears with the clutch disengaged.So it has a lot of use both ways.

John Deere 7830 shifting problem
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